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The staff, food and the quality products make Lynn’s the perfect supplier. Every time you order with us, you are guaranteed of fresh or frozen high quality, cleaned, cooked or whole seafood, as well as timely delivery.

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Only KSh1600

Tiger Prawns

  • Prawns
Only KSh500

Red Snapper

  • Snapper
Only KSh1300

Special Queen Prawn

  • Prawns
Only KSh800


  • Shrimps
Only KSh2000

Jumbo prawns

  • Prawns
Only KSh450


  • Octopus
Only KSh1300


  • crabs
Only KSh500


  • tilapia
Only KSh500

White Snapper

  • White snapper
Only KSh600

Tuna Fish

  • tuna fish
Only KSh600


  • Tafi
Only KSh1100

Queen Prawns

  • Prawns
Only KSh1400


  • Prawns
Only KSh600

Parrot Fish

  • Parrot Fish
Only KSh1600


  • Lobsters
Only KSh1800

King Prawns

  • Prawns
Only KSh600

King Fish

  • King Fish
Only KSh550

Calamari/ Squid

  • Calamari Squid

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